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Make your choices known, says Uber to M’sians

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Barcelona Cabs Strike Against Uber Taxi AppUber has called for Malaysians to make their choices and opinions heard on social media with regards to the clampdown on Uber’s vehicles by the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD), in an announcement on its blog.

“In the taxi industry more consumer choice and better service isn’t a goal, it’s a threat. So, the taxi industry is asking the government to protect them from competition that would improve service for Malaysians and provide safer transportation for women,” says Uber’s head of expansion for the Asia-Pacific (excluding China) region, Chan Park, through the blogpost.

Chan then goes on to note that the government seems to be siding with the taxi industry and “ignoring the rakyat who are pleading for a safe and more reliable choice”, through SPAD’s threat to impound Uber’s transportation partners’ vehicles, even though they are fully compliant with the law.

“SPAD’s actions contradict their acknowledgement that ‘…many users are satisfied and happy with services provided by Uber.’” noted Chan, who added that Malaysians have been making their opinion clear on social media.

“Prominent citizens, including Wan Saiful Wan Jan, CEO of Independent think tank Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) have spoken up as well, explicitly stating ‘Uber benefits consumers. Reform taxi services instead.’” said Chan in the blogpost.

Chan continued the blogpost by calling on the government to meet Uber to “discuss how we can work together to encourage innovation and create a safer environment for Malaysians — not protect incumbent industries from competition”, and ending by stating that “Malaysians deserve better”.

The call appears to be in the same vein as its campaign in Germany, where Uber had appeared to defy a German court ruling that banned its services, citing “progress” for its defiance.

Regulator Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) had previously said Uber breaks the law in offering its services as, among others, some of its drivers did not have a Public Service Vehicle driving license which is an offence under the Road Transport Act 1987.


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