• Enterprise & Issues  |  MARCH 3, 2015 8:00 AM

    A day with the Big Bad Wolf

    Imagine a book sale that offers millions of books and opens round the clock for days on end. The Bookxcess Wolf showed KiniBiz what goes on behind the scenes at the Big Bad Wolf book sale, as well as the preparation involved in setting it all up.

  • Enterprise & Issues  |  MARCH 2, 2015 4:20 PM

    Come in and get to know the Bookxcess Wolf

    In part one of a three-part series, KiniBiz speaks to Andrew Yap and Jacqueline Ng, the husband-and-wife team that founded Bookxcess Sdn Bhd. We talk about how they came to start and run a bookstore, as well as where they got the idea to run the Big Bad Wolf sale.

  • Enterprise & Issues  |  FEBRUARY 26, 2015 8:00 AM

    SFC today and the road ahead

    Banker-turned-entrepreneur Abdul Rahim Zin rescued local coffee chain San Francisco Coffee when it was on the brink of liquidation. While things are far better for the coffee chain today, the road ahead appears no less challenging than before.

  • Enterprise & Issues  |  FEBRUARY 25, 2015 8:00 AM

    From banking to coffee: Rahim’s beginnings with SFC

    When ex-banker Abdul Rahim Zin decide to venture into the coffee business, he had no idea what he was really getting himself into. Here, he shares with KiniBiz details of his tumultuous journey and what he has learned from it.

  • Issues  |  FEBRUARY 10, 2015 7:59 AM

    Are Telcos making too much

    In this three-part series, KiniBiz looks at what Malaysians pay telcos for their services. Analysts believe that mobile operators throughout the Asia Pacific region will be increasing mobile tariffs this year. Some believe that mobile operators here can actually afford …