KiniBiz team members are likely to be smart individuals, with a strong sense of purpose and responsibility. They think on their feet, learn quickly and ensure they contribute effectively. They are prepared to carry a heavy load, because they know what it takes to build a product, and recognise the crucial role each individual plays.

They believe in a better country, one that is transparent and accountable and believe that good independent media can play a critical role. They like to surround themselves with interesting people who share the same desire for a better world.

If you think you fit, here are some positions you may consider. Do email [email protected] with an interesting resume or a link to a video.

Sub-editors are people with great English and an eye for detail. They will rewrite stories written by the journalist to make sure our readers enjoy the story. Experience in business editing is a big advantage, but we’ll love people who are passionate and eager to learn the ropes. Salaries range from RM 3000 to RM 7000 depending on experience.

icon-page-journalistBusiness Journalists
Business journalists poke around for the story behind the story. They dissect, analyse and figure out what the deal is really about. They cut through public relations to tell the public what they should really know. In short they write real business news. Experience in business writing is a big plus. We do love journalistic passion. Salaries range from RM 3000 to RM 7000 depending on experience.