The Team


  • Premesh Team Photo 04Premesh is the co-founder of Malaysiakini. Before new media took him hostage, he was a journalist at TheSun, researched labour issues with the Malaysian Trade Union Congress and campaigned for human rights with Suaram. He can’t remember much of the physics he studied at university, but still enjoys reading about quarks and time travel. He has done two fellowships – TED and Chang-Lin Tien, and recognised as the Media Personality of the Year in 2012 by the local advertising industry association.
  • manoMano’s biological age is 48 but thinks he’s 36. He has accumulated 28 years of experience, primarily in finance and general management. He is active in community projects and the cooperative movement. He’s a strong advocate of whisky consumption, rather than beer.
  • shahminiAfter studying in University Malaya, Shamini spent a dozen years in human resources, corporate secretary work and handling legal matters. She currently serves as the Group HR and Legal Manager. On the fun side, she enjoys playing pool, catching up with friends, cycling, reading and sight seeing.
  • chia-ting-tingTing Ting leads advertising sales across the Malaysiakini Group. She is known to be smart, polished and engaging as she explains why there is no better option to reach decision makers than Malaysiakini and Kinibiz.
  • Nick Team Photo 02Nick has been in the customer service and call center industry for the past 25 years. He currently captains both the Malaysiakini & KiniBiz subscription operations. He also volunteers his efforts for social good and provides aid for animal welfare whenever he can. In his free-time, Nick enjoys making action-packed and travel videos for his YouTube channel – NicksFilmz
  • AizuAizu is a marvel at all things technology and loves doing it on his Mac gadgets. Although from Kelantan, he is more a digital native. He’s a quick coder and has an eye for design and front-end programming, an extremely rare breed these days.


  • P Gunasegaram Team Photo 03cGuna has worked for over 30 years as a journalist and analyst in Malaysia, holding key editorial positions in The Star, The Edge and Malaysian Business. He has also been head of Malaysian equity research at foreign and local brokerages. He likes to play tennis (badly), go for walks (slowly) and take the occasional joy of a wilderness trek (with difficulty).
  • Nesa Team Photo 03Despite being a law graduate, a love for words and serendipity started Nesa on a career as a sub-editor with Business Times 17 years ago. She has since worked for several English language newspapers in Malaysia as well as abroad and has never managed to escape the realm of business news. When not in the newsroom she can be found buried in a book, traveling or indulging in dark chocolate and tea. Nesa is a firm believer in the merits of cats, books, and a cuppa tea.
  • Khairie Team Photo 03bA geology graduate turned writer, Khairie was previously a sub-editor in the legal publishing industry before making the jump into full-time writing. He is especially interested in real estate and property matters. When not cracking his head over business and finance,  he enjoys writing on other subjects and is known to be unnaturally fond of em dashes.
  • khairul team photo 03bKhairul has had an off-beat career in various industries covering IT, advertising, biscuits, mineral water, cooking oil, margarine, ghee, used cars, toothpaste, hair gel, deodorants, body scrub, feminine hygiene, water filters, therapeutic mattresses, children’s clothes, chocolate brownies, cookies, Pineapple tarts, used books, nasi lemak and writing.  He is enjoying his time in KiniBiz.
  • Stephanie Team Photo 03Stephanie has always been interested in news and the news gathering process and wanted to be a part of it. After spending her first two working years in the corporate world, she now enjoys reporting on the same. She loves reading and travelling; reading while travelling and travelling through reading.
  • Sharmila Team Photo 03bSharmila has dreamed of being a journalist since she was 16. She started out as a technology journalist, dabbled in entertainment writing for a bit, but ultimately found her interest and real voice lies in business journalism. A full-time vegetarian and avid yoga fan, she also loves vegetarian cooking and buries herself in a good crime novel when not chasing a story.
  • xavier team photo 03Many have taken the liberty to mention that Xavier’s jump from Psychology to Journalism is a leap of rather large proportions. He disagrees. In his own words, it was more of a stumble, trip and fall into the world of business journalism, which gets more intriguing each time he looks at it. When not attempting to unravel this new mystery, he either plays games (computer, tabletop and board) or nestles in a corner of his comfy bed, mug of hot tea in hand unapologetically lost in the captivating realm of fantastical creatures, magic and battles that is a good book.
  • Stephanie Augustin Team Photo 01Stephanie II is a keen connoisseur of the 3Bs – Beagles, Badminton and (Golf) Balls – and is thus a riot with senior family members at balik kampung dos. Journalism maintains its pull on her solely for the endless supply of pens and notebooks. Her career goal is to sneak as many puns as possible past her editors.

Sub Editors, Graphic Designers & Photo Journalist

  • Syariman Team Photo 03Syariman majored in TESL at university and then decided that his true calling lay in graphic design. He now works on giving us wildly creative and multi-coloured graphics. Who says business has to be dull and in shades of grey? Syariman is very much a visual person who is not so good with words. Well, they do say a picture paints a thousand words. He loves the movies, playing music and watching his favorite team Arsenal FC play. COYG!
  • Fakri Team Photo 01Mohd Fakri has just graduated and this is his very first ‘real’ job as it were. Thrown immediately into the deep end of graphic design he’s managed to not just float but swim. When not buried in business graphics, he’s an enthusiastic gamer, which might go some way towards explaining his passion for creative endeavours. Fakri is also a huge fan of Manchester United and plays football as a means of winding down at day’s end. He loves felines and lives under the loving paws of two.
  • mugshots-andy 2Andy has spent the last 10 years in contact centres and customer service. To him, news is an arcane art when words are fed in and news comes out. Finally given a chance to be part of making news (or editing it) rather than only reading news, he jumped without looking. He is ecstatic to count amongst his new colleagues fellow travellers in the realms of magic and fans of Arsenal FC. He now no longer has to put up with being the only Gunner in an office full of Kops
  • geraldine mugshotsGeraldine has a background in English and Educational Psychology, but she wishes she could have the time to be an expert in many other fields. One realm particularly mysterious to her is the world of business, and she is determined to fully explore this uncharted territory. Among her many time-consuming obsessions; her top favourites are reading, playing computer/console games and watching anime. She also has a tendency to zone out when people talk about football. Why should she care about Chelsea or Liverp — raindrops and roses and whiskers on kittens, la la la la…
  • mugshots justinAfter 4 mundane years of working in the banking industry, Justin ventures out to see what life has to offer. He loves tech, football, rugby, people-observing, and crude sarcasm. Often wishes he could drive a lavender coloured tour bus across the great Australian outback, miming to Verdi’s La traviata: Follie!
  • Rajita Sivan mugshotRajita has been in the publishing industry for more than a decade as a designer. Now, she is getting to know the other side of publishing by wearing two hats. She is now both a designer and a sub-editor. Rajita likes to go for long walks in the park. Her mantra in life is go with the flow as you might not know what you can learn along new paths.
  • Ban Team Photo 02It may come as a  surprise to many that Ban’s photography skills are self-taught. His qualifications lie in Animation and Visual Effects. He has a strong passion for the art of visual storytelling and firmly believes in the adage that a picture is worth a thousand words. Ban aims to keep on learning the art of photography. He believes that life is not as complicated as it’s made out to be and one can always get by with a smile and a friendly greeting.