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Customs to collect anti-dumping duties

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kastam-diraja-malaysia-and-steel-rodsThe Royal Malaysian Customs will enforce the collection of anti-dumping duties on steel wire rods imported from four countries effective for five years from February 20.

A varying level of duties will be imposed on companies from Chinese Taipei, China, Indonesia and Korea.

The decision to collect the anti-dumping duties was taken after the completion of an anti-dumping investigation initiated by the government following a petition from the local industry which had alleged that steel wire rods were being exported to Malaysia at a price much cheaper than in the domestic markets of the four countries and also from Turkey.

In a statement here today, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (Miti) said the anti-dumping duties imposed on the imports of steel wire rods on two companies from Chinese Taipei, namely China Steel Corp and Feng Hsin Iron and Steel Co Ltd will be 10.98 percent and 9.04 percent respectively while other companies will be imposed 25.2 percent.

While there would be no duties imposed on two companies from China, namely Jiangsu Shagang International Trade Co. Ltd and Jiangsu Yonggang Group Co. Ltd, other companies would face a duty of 25.20 percent.

Imports from Indonesia would also face a 25.20 percent duty except for P.T. Ispat Indo, while companies from Korea face a 25.20 per cent duty except for Posco.

Miti said interested parties could access the non-confidential version of the public report on the Final Determination by submitting a written request to the ministry.

The government also proposed the investigation be terminated without any anti-dumping duties on imports of steel wire rods from Turkey due to the dumping margin being below two percent.

The petition on steel wire rod dumping was filed by Amsteel Mills Sdn Bhd on behalf of the domestic industry which had said that the local industry had been affected by the dumping.

The scope of product under investigation covered steel wire rods with carbon content below 0.6 percent.


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