About Us

It’s really about business news, analyses and views

KINIBIZ began as an online only business news portal in February 2013, eventually going subscription in May of the same year. It is jointly owned by journalists.

It fills a gap in Malaysian business news coverage by bringing to its readers independent reporting that is intrepid, impartial, informed and insightful, backed by incisive analyses and unflinching commentary.

From April 14, 2015 KINIBIZ rolled out a new print business magazine, a high-quality fortnightly publication showcasing more timeless articles in a refreshing, easy-to-read format for readers who want to be well-informed on all things business in Malaysia.

KINIBIZ has made a name for itself by not only breaking news (for example how 1Malaysia Development Bhd started and began its questionable practice, examined in a series in March 2013) but through in-depth analysis and unflinching but fair commentary as well.

KINIBIZ Online and Magazine complement each other. Together they make a formidable combination which gives readers ready, reliable, timely and thorough sources of business news, analyses and views in formats which appeal to different tastes and preferences.

KINIBIZ Online gives the most important business news as it unfolds throughout the day PLUS our own daily, exclusive blend of insightful analysis and independent, if sometimes irreverent, commentary and investigation. Currently we have about 160,000 unique visitors and some 400,000 pageviews a month.

KINIBIZ Magazine is a beautifully packaged, unique repository of our more timeless treasures for you to enjoy at leisure. There are 25 issues a year with a double bumper issue at year-end for this fortnightly print publication. It is simply the better business read.

The subscription for each is RM318 a year, but for a limited period get BOTH for the same price of RM318 a year inclusive of GST. That’s a hard deal to beat these days. You can also buy the print issue at newsstands across the country. You can subscribe online at www.kinibiz.com.

If you are already a subscriber, we have great news for you. Just send us your name, login name, email and address to [email protected] and we will have KINIBIZ magazine delivered to your doorstep absolutely free for the duration of your subscription.